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About Ninety Five

Ninety Five – EDM with a twist.

A 16 years old DJ / producer from Holland who specializes in Electronic Dance Music and you can safely state that it’s his goal to give EDM a twist, something refreshing. It all started with his parents, who brought the music-genre to his attention at a very early age.

Miguel started playing drums, giving him the possibility to create his own beat, his own feeling. The beat or the bass is only half of the total, so he got his hands on producing software at the age of 12 and bought a set of turntables when he became 14, bringing him only closer to that goal of having the power to create music yourself and Miguel has been experimenting and developing his own style of music throughout the years.

He played at multiple clubs, like the Jongerencentrum Staddijk in Nijmegen, and entered a number of DJ-contests in 2010. In 2011 he participated in the Kunstbende DJ Competition and ended high up the ranks, while being the youngest competitor (age 15), showing everybody that age doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to capabilities and devotion. He also played at Dancefair 2012, hosted at De Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, which was the most exciting gig so far, because it was broadcasted live on Eclectic Radio.

“Don’t be afraid to create, produce and innovate, even if you’re young. Your age doesn’t define what you do or produce, you do it all yourself. All you need is commitment.”


2x Pioneer CDJ 800 MKII - 1x Pioneer DJM 400 Mixer - Apple iMac 27'' - Ableton Live 8 - Logic Pro 9 - Behringer UMX 25 Midi Keyboard -Behringer Truth B2031a Monitor Speakers


Electro House // Progressive House with some Dubstep and Moombahton. Very energetic and a lot of variation. Always Refreshing and always something new!



Ninety Five - Ruff (Original Mix)
Dinka vs. Daft Punk & Dirtyloud - My Love Is Technologic (Ninety Five Bootleg)

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