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Spaced out for a period of seven years on its radio program on Radio Rataplan (Joepie de Poepie and DC Bells), creating moods from its cupboard full of magical bits and recordings from various times and ages.

Coming to grips on its self for two years with nothing challenging on the territory called music. Doing a job it liked, eating the food it disgusts, creating nothingness everywhere it went.

Until they started Lomechanik

It never would have guessed to ever get respected for what it does best. Creating tunes, soundscapes and some beats. Whether they are neurotic phreaky scapes with too loud hats and sparse beats, or tunes that just stay tunes and never progress, it never will be boring, there will always be a new sound to use, a new way to stick them all together, a new way to interpetate them.

Keep coming back here and find new material.

It will suprise you, leave you cold and feeling miserable

Or be one of the lucky few who can enjoy it.

Tubish is a member of Lomechanik.

His main sound is linked to Drum and Bass, Tekno, Dub(step), Electronics and Ambient.

(Dutch)Lomechanik is een electronica collectief annex label bestaande uit gelijkgestemden met een voorliefde voor het experiment. Lomechanik wil niks anders dan iedereen laten horen hoe vet, ranzig, booming en booty hun verknipte Glitz en Beats zijn om het publiek op het verkeerde been te zetten en met pounding electronics de voetjes van de vloer trekken zonder ook maar enige concessie aan te gaan.

…daar waar Tubish iedereen laat wegdromen in een psychic dream van verknipte ideeen en mooie landschappen…


Tubish is one of the artists from the Dutch based electronica label Lomechanik.

He is making music since the age of 24.
Tubish has played in clubs in The Netherlands and Belgium.
Tubish is influenced by several types of music, though always makes his music listenable for a bigger crowd.
His main sound is linked to Drum and Bass, Tekno, Dub(step), Electronics and Ambient.
For a full biography, check the site of Lomechanik.

Why this name?

I used to DJ as DJ Cerialz, but not long after I started producing my own material. Using a VST plug I found on the net, called The Tube, I wanted to make sure my name ringed something like that… hence the -ish behind Tube.

Do you play live?

I do play live, whenever anybody asks me, it’s hard to turn down a request! lol.
My very first show during the 4-Days March in Nijmegen (NL) is one I won’t soon forget. Raining cats and dogs, it was the perfect opportunity to let go of any anxiety and just play whatever I wanted…

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

I think it harder for a single unknown artist to get known by a larger crowd, unless he/she has been name-dropped by several larger artists over time.
The best thing to do is to make yourself heard through the various sites we all know and keep on sending demo’s to all the (net) labels you can find. Hopefully it’ll work for you.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Yes, since the main goal of me as an artist is to make music, and if I could leave the promotions to a Major label, that would give me more time to focus on my shizzle…

Band History:

Tubish has released song on the following albums:

lomek006 Ruis voor Thuis & Iets met Biets
Released January 2007
catalognr: LOMEK006006

lomek04 LOMEK 004
Released February 2005
catalognr: LOMEK04004

lomek01 Lomechanik: No One
Released January 2004
catalognr: LOMEK01001

Your influences?

Anything ranging from LoFi home recordings to HiFi studio produced noise…
Stuff like:
Autechre, Tigerbeat6, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Brian Eno, Vladimir Ussachevsky, The Black Dog, Chris Clark, PSI Performer, Boards of Canada, Why?, Squarepusher, The Flashbulb, Plaid, Hrvatski, DJ Rubbish & Cassetteboy, Kid 606, Apzolut, Modules, Bird, Jorg, dB, The Smoke Cella, TokTek, Spinvis, Ninja Tune, Carpark Records, [SIC], Bogdan Raczynski, and many many more…

Favorite spot?

Doornroosje/Merleyn, Nijmegen.

Equipment used:

Samples, Fruity, Soundforge, Acid, Microphone, Headphone, Ears, Mouth, Fingers, Eyes, Ass…



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Tubish - Clutch
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