ARTIST: TransToon


About TransToon

Love listening to all kind of music and visit live performances on a regular basis.
Started making my own music using Ableton Live 8 and a Midi keyboard.
Still have a lot to learn though. Constructive comments are more than welcome and greatly appreciated.

Thanks for listening to my music.


Ableton Live 9 and a Midi keyboard


Did not found my music style yet.



The Rhythmic Soundscape Quest
Dance Up a Storm
Song for All
TransToon - Hope for the Best
TransToon - Piano Improvisation
TransToon - What Goes Up Must 'Go' Down
TransToon - Perpetuum Mobile
TransToon - The Morning After
TransToon - Girl Just Know feat. Mister XM
TransToon - Keep on Dancing (in the Rain)
TransToon - Step by Step to Beat the Clock
TransToon - Last Goodbye
TransToon - Aspects of War
TransToon - Dark Side of the Moon
TransToon - Harry's Forest

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