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About A pair of Glasses

We Are
A pair of Glasses
The Nerds With Acid (N.W.A;)
We like analogue Electronics, Acid is one of our favorites.

We make our stuff, using analogue equipment, yes we know we missed the trend, however we just can’t stop loving the sound of pure analogue sounds.

Join our Group, N.W.A. here on Soundcloud, for mixes and Tracks Approved by one of the Nerds.

Our Tracks can vary from Electro till Tekno, from Acid till Lounge depending on what mood we are in.
More importantly, they are FREE to Download!!! (want a better quality, just ask).

If someone uses one of our tracks in a mix, please let us know by sending the link or Drop the Acid in our DropBox.

A pair of Glasses.


Voornamelijk Analoge Hardware, aangestuurd door Ableton Live.


Analoge Electro, Acid en Techno



Filter Vomit - A pair of Glasses.
The Februari Torture.
The freak show
No Control On AciD
Something for your mind.. December Acid Pattern.
December Pattern is going down!
December will be Acid again.. December Acid Pattern
Tease me with Acid.. (Acid teaser for 26-10-2013 A pair of Glasses liveact)
Love on AciD
Anna's log.
The goldfish.
Inter Bassial Affair
I Love You..
A new beginning
You own the Night
Schöne Party
Let the ceiling drip..
Live pt2
U R Dead!
Nicht Noch Mahl.. Bitte!

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